Conscious Wayfinding Sessions

There are times in life when each of us needs someone or something to help guide us through the darkness, difficulties, indecision, confusion, and loneliness we encounter.


Using the client's natural, internal guidance system, that points to true north, we help clients navigate both sunny skies and stormy seas.  

Starting from the perspective, that each person, group or organization contains the seeds of their own healing, conscious wayfinding sessions help clients find, reconnect to, and express what is most important in life. 


After rediscovering what is most important in their life, clients then identify and address the internal and external barriers and conditioning that keep them from living the full expression of their best lives.

If you or your organization would like to navigate life with a greater depth of wisdom, please contact one of our senior guides and we'll set up a free consultation session to see how Conscious Wayfinding might help you bring forth your purpose, passion and vision.

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