About Conscious Wayfinding


Our People

At Conscious Wayfinding we help people access practical wisdom to bring their purpose and vision to life.

At Conscious Wayfinding we teach people how to access their intuition, unique strengths, and activate their practical wisdom, individually and collectively, to take action in their lives in alignment with their vision and heart's desires. 


We know that people have supported themselves and each other to settle their nervous systems and release overwhelm that lands in their bodies for thousands of years. We want to empower people to own their healing potential. 

We normalize and create safe space to look at trauma, our conditioned conclusions about ourselves and life and experience difficult feelings that are core to being human.

We offer training retreats, consulting, and coaching to help people who are committed to bringing "another way" to life both personally and through their vocations and organizational commitments.


We draw on wisdom traditions, mindfulness, communication, conflict resolution, systemic constellations, counseling, group facilitation and planning practices. 

We teach and encourage the many ways of knowing human beings can access to gain clarity and determine aligned direction and action. These include drawing on energy awareness and somatic (body) wisdom as well as scientific logic and practical experience.

We are passionate about helping people and organizations bring their purpose to life practically and joyfully.  We believe that as more people  respond to the compassionate and courageous way that is already calling them, we will experience more peace and sanity in our world.

Conscious Wayfinding sits at the intersection of many wisdom traditions and complements many religious teachings. However, we are not affiliated with a particular tradition.

Our founders, Tammy LaDrew, MA, EdS, LPC and Amy Czajkowski, MA collectively bring decades of experience in therapy,  self-discovery, trauma awareness, energy work, conflict resolution and organizational development - spanning individual to societal issues where they designed and facilitated processes and therapeutic spaces that helped people and groups move through confusion and conflict to clarity and connection. 

Our office is located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA. We offer programs on-line and in-person.