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Welcome to the Living Awareness Community

Living Awareness is a transformative community designed to guide and empower individuals who share a common interest in exploring and unleashing the creative power of their spirit to its fullest extent so they may create, inspire, and live lives filled with love, joy, freedom, and prosperity.


We understand that the demands of modern life can often leave us disconnected from our true selves, causing a sense of disarray and disquiet. However, within each of us lies a wellspring of wisdom and clarity, a pure creative fire, waiting to be tapped into. 


If you are longing for something more; If you find yourself feeling a bit lost, frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced and challenging world and find it difficult to bring your full essence to life, then this program is for you. It is dedicated to assisting you in cultivating a life of connection, filled with peace, presence, passion, purpose, and prosperity.

Our topics are far reaching and intended to help you access your own innate wisdom. These topics include mindfulness, adjusting limiting mindsets, working with difficult emotions, current events, life circumstances, taking accurate actions, and so much more!


Learning occurs through a series of carefully crafted monthly presentations, practices, and a follow up Q&A. Along with the curated online community platform, this structure allows you to enhance your energy awareness and awaken your  potential and unleash your pure creative fire.

This program is both experiential and practical. It incorporates ancient wisdom traditions with modern knowledge, enhanced with practical tools and insights, to support your personal growth and transformation.

No question is off limits and I invite you to "come as you are."


  • Living Awareness Community Class Open Enrollment starting July 3rd, 2023

Enrollment is open on an ongoing monthly basis​.


  • One 60-Minute, Onboarding Session with Tammy

To be scheduled before your first community session

  • Class: First and Third Monday of Every Month

Classes are recorded and posted to the Private Learning Platform


  • Q&A Sessions: Second and Fourth Monday of Every Month

Q&A Sessions are recorded and posted to the Private Learning Platform


  • Curated Online Community on a Private Learning Platform

This platform is where students may share their experiences, stay accountable to their dreams, post their wins and challenges, and ask questions. It is curated Monday-Friday by Tammy and/or her assistants.


  • Tuition: $97/month (Minimum participation is 3 months.)


*Changes in the community schedule may be made to accommodate holidays, vacations, etc.


Registration Form
Registraton Form


For questions, or to set up your onboarding session, please email me at:

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